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    Game Designer

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    Game Designer



    Job Description:

    We want to enable teams to achieve extraordinary quality and create meaningful online game experiences enjoyed by millions of players around the world. We give you all the freedom you need to come up with awesome features nobody has ever created before. We are not fond of hierarchies, so we eliminated them wherever possible


    • You play games, you make games, you love games. This passion – especially for the games you work on – is your everyday urge

    • You have experience and deep knowledge of free-to-play MMO games, both from designer and player perspective

    • You are not scared of numbers, so you can design complex game elements and balance them smoothly

    • You have a good eye for game aesthetics and intuitive UI design, and know how to do basic layouts for web and apps

    • You are able to turn complex game mechanics into simple and accessible features for the players

    • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and can adapt to changes quickly

    • You are an exquisite team player, and understand that communication and collaboration are one of the key elements of your role

    • You are fluent in written and verbal English


    • You act as the main responsible Game Designer for our Travian Kingdoms game

    • You create new feature concepts, as well as enhance and streamline the existing ones, for the game’s browser and app versions

    • You support the testing team in order to make sure your concepts work exactly as intended for our players

    • You engage in player discussions about design concepts, and adapt your concepts according to the feedback of both the players as well as the technical team

    • You write and maintain the game’s design documentation, in-game texts, and Knowledge Base articles

    • You work as a part of an awesome team of programmers, artists, testers, in a fast-paced Agile setup